Living Like a Dream 22 jun. 2013

I remember that you were my girl, whom I loved so much
I remember at least you
Even when time passes, your breath remains so I cherish you
As if you are in my embrace
It might be a dream – this shallow scar I gave to you
Might be a deep punishment to me
I cry for a long time because I’m so sorry
I’m in an unknown place, as if it is a different world
Did you leave me in the memories?
Though you’re by my side, it’s as if you’re not there
I can’t linger in a place that doesn’t have you any longer
I worry that I will get to hate you, if you love someone else
So I cry for along time
I’m in an unknown place, as if it is a different world
Are you in love with a different person?
As if you will be happy even if I’m not there?
No matter what time I’m in, to me, it’s only you
Even if everything changes, I go to you
Even if I’m not there for you, can you smile like you are now?
Though I live like this, it’s as if I’m not living at all
I just don’t know, with you

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