Tri-angle 22 jun. 2013

It's the same cases everyday...
A place that produces an endless amount of deaths...
Did compassion disappear from this land?

I won't see it anymore
I won't hear of the crashing reality
Don't calculate everything by its worth...
People are an important existence.

Tears of blood are falling again because of our dulled hearts
What will motivate me now?
Like the things that once filled our worlds with beauty,
The dreams we had for the future died.

No one can take it
There are no tears to shed
I can't take the pain that is penetrating deeply through my bones.

You got the Power!
You have the power to make things right
Don't waste, and light the talks that concern humanity

I don't know, why hate this moment?
People are not saying it's boring...
Why you tell me Lies..

Look at the eyes of the ones you love
Don't you see their happiness?
Tell them that this world is full of valuable things.

What do I do?
I am standing silently in front of the things that people have thrown away.
This is not right.
What do I do? I'm diseased...
I can't bare to just stand still and watch this happen.

Someday, oneday
Next to the problems that you have thrown away,
You were left behind and I was left behind
Don't observe other people's pains with joy!
It will become a boomerang
One Flow we want the flow we got the flow we want the flow

[All] I got the flow, Show Now I growling on earth
What do you want to show us? It's so funny I say no

We don't want it anymore...
I believe that you can change it, even in the darkness,
All the way to the end of the sword


Show us the pain of your broken hearts
So that I can help you...
Show me the road
Like the things that fill this world with beauty

We have to make it so that we will treasure this place.

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